On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 10:39 AM, Richard Fairhurst
<rich...@systemed.net> wrote:
> Blake Girardot wrote:
>> Also: No one is getting paid for anything related to this at this
>> point. I personally would like to see Google donate to the OSMF
>> and let the OSMF grant it out to help OSM core and eco system
>> tools implement OLC native in code as it should be.
> That's done. Tom has coded it. Months ago. It's 20 lines of code (plus
> tests), which is a fraction of the bandwidth spent on this thread.
> https://github.com/tomhughes/openstreetmap-website/commit/2e0a2c67caf64df732f1e14160d5ead96c73a656
> Everyone in this thread appears to think that what Tom has done - i.e.
> implementing it in the osm.org client rather than in tags - is a good idea,
> apart from Simon, and even Homer nods sometimes.
> Tom, understandably, doesn't want to push it live without consensus that
> it's a good thing
> (https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/pull/1818#issuecomment-380695939).
> I reckon this thread is consensus enough and I'm sure Simon can indulge us
> on this one little thing if we promise to uncockup some editor presets in
> return. :)
> Richard

Thank you Richard, I did come in late. Some of the really insulting
comments on that github thread caught my eye and I didn't read back to
understand the issue fully.

As I said, we'll look at all of this and put a wiki page together.

Getting that pull request merged would be a great first step in
helping the folks who this matters to explore the use of plus codes.

I see the goolge manager commented on it. And while he makes some
suggestions, I would rather see exactly what the PR has now be merged
and we can go from there.


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