The instance I ran for many years has been replaced by that I suspect will again be available for many
years to come  (note that the main problem in the past has been that
there was typically no way to migrate to newer version which led to
people being stuck on old, unmaintained stuff, that they eventually had
to turn off).


Am 11.08.2018 um 23:52 schrieb Michał Brzozowski:
> Hi all,
> from all the instances of OSM Tasking Manager, are there ones which
> - won't close in foreseeable future
> - won't mind hosting generic tasks (not related to specific cause/region)?
> So, in essence, kind of like MapCraft, but with all the benefits of TM
> - including, but not limited to, automatic grid generation and grid
> square splitting.
> Michał
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