I think you can set this up with OSM Hall Monitor
https://github.com/ethan-nelson/osm_hall_monitor by tracking all the
objects you touch and setting them up as subscriptions.

Personally I found it easier to just subscribe to my whole city in OSMCha.

Nothing is stopping such a system being built at the moment as a 3rd party
service, just needs someone motivated enough to build and support it.

On Sat, 22 Aug 2020 at 19:11, pangoSE <pang...@riseup.net> wrote:

> Hi
> I would like to track all objects that I ever created or edited.
> I suggest we implement a system to make this easy.
> I suggest we create a new system that is updated every time a changeset is
> uploaded. The new system tracks userids and osmids and date of last
> change/edit.
> When I create or edit an object an entry is made in this system (if a way
> is converted to relation the relation id is added and so forth). If another
> user converts my way to a relation the system edits the userobjects table
> of both users. This works around the problem of missing permanent ids. If a
> node, way or relation is deleted by anyone the row in my userobjects is
> deleted)
> The system can then be queried lke this:
> GET Openstreetmap.org/api/userobjects/pangoSE
> Outputs objects for user pangoSE with the oldest first (outputs 10
> entries, &offset can be used to get more, &size can be used to output up to
> 300 entries, &modified_date=desc by default)
> The osmids of the objects can then be used to query the suggested
> verification endpoint to easily find old userobjects that are stale and
> need reverification. The user can be used to generate maps and gpx exports
> of all osmids needing verification for the user to use during a mapping
> quest.
> This data is privacy sensitive so the endpoint should require permissions
> from the user to make it easy to write a script or service that uses the
> data on behalf of the user.
> Cheers
> pangoSE
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