Xidel is a small command line XQuery interpreter to run queries on downloaded X/HTML pages or JSON-APIs. It supports XPath 3.0, XQuery 3.0 + JSONiq expressions, compatibility modes for older XPath/XQuery versions as well as CSS 3 selectors and custom pattern matching.

The 0.9.8 version improves various things:

- Cookie handling follows RFC 6265 rather than sending all cookies to all servers. - add t:siblings-header/siblings elements to pattern matcher to match certain element siblings regardless of their ordering (e.g. table columns). - add functions x:call-action, x:has-action, x:get-log, x:clear-log to give programmatic access to multipage templates and variable changelog. - add --module, --module-path parameters to load XQuery modules into (xpath) queries and properly resolve relative paths for module imports. - fix system(), file:exists, file:move (override), file:path-to-uri on Windows
- further minor bug fixes and performance improvements

You can learn more on the homepage here: http://www.videlibri.de/xidel.html



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