Very good. We can allocate a good portion of time for this discussion.



On 2018-03-01, 16:05, "Michael Welzl" 
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On Mar 1, 2018, at 3:54 PM, Brian Trammell (IETF) 
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hi Zahed, Aaron, all,

On 27 Feb 2018, at 18:28, Tommy Pauly 
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Hi Zahed & Aaron,

We’ve posted the first of three new documents proposed for milestone 3, "An 
Architecture for Transport Services” (please go read it, everyone!):

The API and Implementation documents are forthcoming, and will be posted before 
the submission deadline.

And now we have posted the second document (please go read it, everyone!):

The document combines concepts of the Post Sockets, NEAT, and Socket Intents 
approaches to provide an interface to the architecture in the first document at 
the level of a language-independent, abstract asynchronous interface definition.

We'd like 10-15 minutes after Tommy to build on the architecture and introduce 
the concepts. ISTM (though I haven't discussed with Tommy, Anna, and Micheal, 
the other editors) that the discussion time for these documents can probably be 

Definitely, I say, as one of them!


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