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> In any event, the answer to your question is that when you restore an archive
> you get the entire contents of the archive -- the deduplication magic which
> results in tarsnap only needing to upload the "new data" is completely hidden
> from you.

So, I believe there is no way I can restore only certain files and folders?

That’s what I wanted to achieve. Say, if I lost just one folder or few files, I 
wanted to see if there’s a way in the GUI to restore “only” those particular 
file/folder(s) from one of the archive versions instead of downloading the 
entire archive.

> Colin Percival
> On 02/11/18 20:49, Amar wrote:
>> Does it download to that folder everything that was backed up at the point 
>> in time at which that archive backup was done or only the files that had 
>> changed in that particular backup?
>> In case I am not clear: Let’s say I’ve a daily backup job and there were 100 
>> files backed up when Tarsnap completed 10th daily backup on a day and next 
>> day 11th daily backup ran. Between 10th and 11th daily backups, out of 100 
>> (when 10th backup was done), two files changed and 3 files were added. So in 
>> 11th daily backup I had 5 new.changed files.
>> So I, on any day after 11th daily backup finished, go back and try to 
>> restore 11th daily backup (which only backed up: 3 new + 2 changed files) in 
>> a specific directory, what that directory would contain:
>> 1. all the 103 files in that 11th backup archive
>> 2. 5 files (basically the new +  changed files of that archive)
>> 3. 3 files and diff of 2 files (this doesn’t seem to be a possibility, but I 
>> wanted to be clear)
>> (I started a restore but then cancelled it didn’t know how much files will 
>> be downloaded; this was just for testing restore, my data is safe)
>> Regards.
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