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On Wed, 27 Dec 2006 20:43:40 +1100 GMT (27/12/2006, 16:43 +0700 GMT),
Hendrik Oesterlin wrote:

>>   BayesIt will be removed from The Bat! Home and Professional MSI.

HO> Are you planning to add an other Junk-Plugin to the TheBat!-MSI ?
HO> What about Regula? This plugin is actively developed and maintained.

I think plug-ins should not be distributed with the main program. That
defeats the purpose of them being plug-ins, they could just be part of
the core program. The idea of plug-ins is that only those who want
them can download them and "plug them in".

The concept of a centralised plug-in download website is a good idea
IMHO, like with Firefox.



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