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What's new in since 5.0.8:
[-] Message List: Sorting Subject/From/To groups by latest time was not 
[-] (#0008371) Inline graphics disappear when opening multiple messages
[-] When both options to automatically mark message as read were switched off, 
messages still were marked as read 
[-] (#0007784) message about old format in new versions
[-] Handling reply/forward commands for inline viewers of messages wasn't 
working properly
[-] Replied filters wasn't executed automatically
[-] (#0008575) 5.0.8 AVs while switching between pictures tabs in message view
[-] (#0008606) Deletion attachments was not refreshing messages in the Finder's 
message list
[-] (#0007397) HTML QT included in TEXT Folder template produces HTML code in 
[-] IMAP download preferences specified in account settings wasn't used by 
default in all folders
[-] (#0008609) the TO field was not focused when a message was forwarded in 
non-MIME format
[-] (#0008611) Thread operations were ignoring date grouping 

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