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Hello andrei.sliusarenco,

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But search in the top allows you to find the filter by name
like here

> Hi Andrei,

> As you are looking for new functionality to implement, how about this:

> I have well over 100 filters, each filter having several conditions.
> Usually "Header contains any of", and then there are the email
> addresses or subjects that should be caught. A filter could be about a
> country ("China"), or a commodity ("vehicles") or an agent that has
> offices in several countries; it differs.

> I often need to add another email address to a filter (for example a
> new agent in China), and I have to look manually through the filter
> list in order to find the one I am looking for. For obvious reasons, I
> cannot sort them alphabetically. (Example: Anything about vehicles
> should go into folder A but if it is not about vehicles, it should go
> to the country folder. So the order of the filters is important.)

> It would be nice to have a search function with which I can find a
> filter by name.

I have to scroll down over 100 filters and find the one I am looking for. My suggestion is to search for the actual filters by filter name.

For example, if the filter name is "China", I would key that word into a search window and be taken to that filter, which I then can amend.

If I am the only one who uses so many filters that he often misses the one he is looking for, then don't worry.



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