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[-] (#0001414) CardDAV: Syncronization duplicates three phone numbers and 
overwrites three others (tested with
[-] (#0001161) The menu entry "Download International Pack" is obsolete
[-] (#0001439) Wrong handling of "<" and  ">" characters in messages created 
out of HTML-templates
[-] (#0001442) "Lock toolbars" is not remembered in the Message Dispatcher 
[-] (#0001407) The Message Dispatcher does not remember the position of the 
header auto-view splitter
[-] (#0001437) [Wish] Add a message list column to display short folder path
[-] (#0001444) Quick Search skips the search/display criteria of the selected 
[-] (#0001349) Outdated version number while authenticating at Gmail via OAUTH
[-] (#0001366) Needless confirmation on closing editor window after saving the 
message via Ctrl+S

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