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       A while ago, when listing more than a few bugs/problems TB
       brings with it, freezing TB was one of them. That was already
       quite annoying.

       Over the past couple of days I found out that this freeze has
       effects on other programs, namely media players. When TB is
       open and I try to watch a video or listen to music with VLC,
       Groove, 5KPlayer etc. the media freeze, skip, and pixelate.

       First I thought it was something in my network - it isn't,
       internally I have a fully functional Gigabit Ethernet, outside
       connection is 500 Mbit down, 50 Mbit up, even with a VPN I
       don't get under 300/30. It isn't my soundcard, not my processor
       nor RAM [see https://www.screencast.com/t/elvx9PtMeJ6 ].

       For testing I let first Groove* run with a long playlist. It
       skipped while TB was running; System Monitor showed that every
       time Groove skipped the main TB process got red and was
       'unresponsive'. Same when I checked with VLC. Closing TB**,
       then running Groove for an hour without any skipping, then the
       same with VLC.

       This makes TB unusable to me.

       *as part of the OS it should have the least interaction

       **curiously a TB process ran on after closing the program; I
       mentioned that previously

Dierk Haasis
[DH² Publishing]

Twitter: Evo2Me

8.5.8 on Windows 10 0 17134

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