Maxim Masiutin via TBBETA wrote:


New MSI files means also new tests against brand new wine v4.1 which was 
released just some days ago (February 4, 2019):

Both are running on Linux (Debian64) on latest wine without any (known) 
serious problems. See also Wines application database about "The Bat!":

There are also described three different installation methods how to 
install "The Bat!" on Linux/Wine.

If you find something not working related to wine please send a bug report  
to wine: <>
IMPORTANT: Please do not send it to this list (NOT to tbbeta).

Please note:
1.) Plugins which are created for use under 32bit didn't work with 64bit   
version of "The Bat!" (not a wine problem). Unless there are no native 64bit 
plugins available, this will not be fixed.

2.) A known issue is about the system tray in KDE:
So I recommend to switch of the system tray icon in "The Bat!s" preferences.

Please notice: this tests were done by some scripts to get a quick check if 
there are some new problems since the last MSIs....

Thanks for your nice work Maxim!

Best regards,

Joerg Schiermeier
Bielefeld, Germany
productive: The Bat! pro v8.8.0.0 (32bit) - wine(at)Debian64
test environment (32bit + 64bit): The Bat! pro - latest beta
wine: v4.1 - Debian64/buster: v4.19.16-1 (2019-01-17)

 Current beta is | 'Using TBBETA' information:

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