March 24, 2019

Hello Maxim,

Sunday, March 24, 2019, 5:22:12 AM, you wrote:

> Please review Google API User Policy for The Bat! Email Client


I just had a look at teh Google API User Policy for the Bat at the URL
listed above.

The page is clear and easy to understand.

In  the  following paragraph,  I replaced "your" with end user to keep
the  structure  consistent  with  the  overall  text.   Not sure it is
important,  however,  it  ties  it together for me.

text start ----------------------------------

 The Bat!, while running on the end user's computer, is requesting the 
following Google user data:

 Data associated with  Google account: the end user's email address,
 profile information and openid - to let The Bat!  authenticate the  Google
 account using OAUth authentication mechanism;

 Email messages (content) and folder structure stored on end user's  Google
 account - to let The Bat! receive email messages stored on the
 Google account and store these messages on the end user's computer according
 to the the folder structure in the  Google account; this also allows
 The  Bat! to upload messages, create, edit and delete folders on the
 end user's Google account;

 List of end user contacts in the Google account, i.e. the
 address book that stores the contact information (name, email, etc.)
 of  the  other  people  - this allows The Bat! to synchronize the end
 user  Google address book with the address book of The Bat! on the
  end user  computer.
 ------------------------------- end text

 The other option is to use your you instead of introducing end user.

 Just a suggestion


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