> Hello Gleason,

>>>> The Bat - poor support for identities

>>> What do you need?

>>> I  use a lot of email aliases, and with macros in the templates I use
>>> each aliases without any problem. I set one folder to receive all the
>>> messages sent or received with one alias. And when I create a new mail
>>> from that folder the aliases are used.

>>> At this moment I'm writing you from one alias with that setup.

>>> %IF:"%-
>>> %QT=""

>> Yes, that allows you to tie a specific set of macros to a specific email 
>> address.  Better
>> would be to be able to specify a set of identities with different email 
>> addresses, etc.
>> Then when I prepare a new email/reply, I should be able to simply choose the 
>> identity I
>> want from a drop down list.

> As I am sure you know, in each folder Properties you can define an Identity  
> for that folder.
> Before retirement, when still actively working, I did need to use different 
> Identities. So,
> what I did was to create a folder called Identities, with a subfolder for 
> each Identity. It
> was a good substitute for the drop down list you would like. And no need for 
> macros.

Right, I didn't say there was no support for identities.  But the
support provided is poor compared to other systems.  The Bat was the
only one in my list with this lack.

> --
> Best regards,

> Miguel A. Urech (Els Poblets (Alicante - Spain)
> Using The Bat! Version 8.8.9 (64-bit) on Windows 10.0



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