Hello list, hello Maxim!

The following problem isn't really a problem which should be solved next 
time: it's more a general issue with "The Bat!" running on Linux with a 
little help from wine. So nothing to really worry about. But maybe I can get 
some help or some ideas.

Running "The Bat!" on top of a Linux installation with wine is working 
without any (known) problem. Also in this special case the interaction with 
GnuPG for encrypting and/or signing mails is working. I use GnuPG installed 
also in wine (GnuPG as its Windows version).

The Idea:
I want to use the GnuPG infrastructure directly which is installed in Linux. 
What is working:
-"The Bat!" works
-I can call GPG from the underlaying Linux via a simple symbolic link to 
-GnuPG will read my keys correctly, see log from the console.

--- output of Linux console ---
Schiermeier (Das ist ein Testaccount.) <trial.acco...@gmx.net>::::::::::0:
Schiermeier (Das ist ein Testaccount.) 
--- // ---

This didn't work:
The transfer of this infos back to "The Bat!" fails.
The "thebat32_Exceptions.log" said:

--- thebat32_Exceptions.log ---
The Bat! pro v8.8.9.0 (32bit)
Date: 18 Jul 2019 00:43:05
OS: Windows 7 SP1 X64 (AMD or Intel) build 7601
PhysMemFreeTotal: 0000002047/0000002047 MB
VirtMemFreeTotal: 0000002047/0000002047 MB
CommandLine: C:\opt\winprog\thebat\thebat32.exe /nologo
Bitness: x32
MAPI #0: Native Mail Client [Native Mail Client]; Path: C:
\windows\system32\winemapi.dll (not valid)
MAPI #1: The Bat! [The Bat!]; Path: C:\opt\winprog\thebat\tbmapi32.dll 
Default Profile: 
Address: 0144E076
ClassName: Exception
Message: ExecuteStdApp PI.hProcess event error
IsOSException: 0
 00400000 20190604170359 C:\opt\winprog\thebat\thebat32.exe
 0144E076 [00400000]
 0144E071 [00400000]
 004071D4 [00400000]
 0042DDE5 [00400000]
 01451156 [00400000]
 014512A4 [00400000]
 01451AFE [00400000]
 0144D2D9 [00400000]
 0161718D [00400000]
 016189ED [00400000]
 0161490C [00400000]
 016190F0 [00400000]
 01618E43 [00400000]
 00D9F334 [00400000]
 0162D76E [00400000]
 00B242D2 [00400000]
 00B26DC0 [00400000]
 00B26174 [00400000]
 00B27299 [00400000]
 00D9A878 [00400000]
 007A3428 [00400000]
 00809999 [00400000]
 007A32B4 [00400000]
 004D74F8 [00400000]
 00CD425E [00400000]
 006A8567 [00400000]
 006A85AA [00400000]
 00CD425E [00400000]
 006A88DD [00400000]
 01846399 [00400000]
 01870F80 [00400000]
--- // ---

Could anybody tell me what "ExecuteStdApp PI.hProcess event" means here?
I want to examine this deeper and try to get a better connection to Linux 

This would be helpful to follow the way to run "The Bat!" correctly under 

But please don't waste time for this - its only my interest to run "The 
Bat!" on Linux.
As I said above: this is working nice with GnuPG for Windows.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Joerg Schiermeier
Bielefeld, Germany
productive: The Bat! pro v8.8.9.0 (32bit) - wine(at)Debian64
test environment (32bit + 64bit): The Bat! pro - latest beta
wine: v4.12.1 - Debian64/bullseye: v4.19.37-5 (2019-06-19)

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