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>> this universally accepted quoting is what I don't want to loose.  
>>   A quote is a QUOTE, not a table.

> I guess I don't think it matters what it is called.

  You speak like the people on this job interview which the great Argentinian 
cartoonist recorded in 9 images, each with a recruiter's question (marked ¿>) 
and an applicant's response (marked <), plus a tenth image showing the result:

  ¿> Name?
  < March 19, 1924 
  ¿> Address?
  < male
  ¿> Place of birth?
  < married
  ¿> highest degree in education?
  < 79, Main Street, 2nd floor
  ¿> sex?
  < High School
  ¿> profession?
  > Peter Fireman
  ¿> marital status?
  < three thousand six hundred and twentyfour
  ¿> nationality?
  < pertussis in the age of 4, measles at 7
  ¿> Good. That's enough. You can start working tomorrow. 
  The 10th image shows the applicant sitting at a desk marked "Information". 
  You see, it doesn't matter what you say, it works. 
  You tell me "Pay the bill I sent you", and I will think "OK, he says that I 
should pay the bill, but as usual he means something completely different, 
probably that I should instead go out and walk my dog. 
  Why bother about language? 
  Why use ADD in programming an addition, when you can write SUBTRACT? Who 
cares, when Gleason does not care? 
Lüko Willms
Frankfurt am Main

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