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> Friday, July 19, 2019, 7:10:47 AM, you wrote:

Gleason>> Qualcomm, which produced the (at one time widely used) Eudora email 
client, now
Gleason>> defunct.  They gave it to Mozilla where it has gone no where.

> It died because someone thought Thunderbird with a Eudora looking
> theme would be enough, but Thunderbird is so far conceptually from
> what Eudora was, it could never get close. I tried it. It called
> itself Eudora, imported all my Eudora stuff, but then I had to use
> Thunderbird which sucks so I kept using Eudora till it started
> crashing and then moved to The Bat, something good enough for my
> needs that I could live with it. But the list of the Bat's
> idiosyncrasies is is long and troubling and no one seems to care to
> fix them. You know, really basic stuff like properly displaying a message 
> with text and html.

HTML being a moving target.  That might have something to do with why
browsers require such frequent updates.  Good enough reason to let people
use MS libraries to view html email like The Bat does.

Maybe Rit thinks they  have enough to do without constantly chasing
evolving  html.  Thunderbird at least has the advantage of being able
to tap into Firefox html display, which means Thunderbird's html is
probably the best outside of MS libraries.

My experience  with programs that try to do various different things,
is that they end up doing none of them well.  Like, for instance, programs that
try to do email and be a pim at the same time.  Let MS take care of
the html.

Mailbird's html is quite good too if that matters to you.  But in the
end, choosing an email client is a matter of what you can live with as
you say.

> -- Ira



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