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Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))


>>> Thunderbird - Must assign bcc by identity.  Quote bar doesn't show on other 
>>> clients.

>>   Showing a bar to to mark a blockquote is the task of the
>> renderer. This is regulated in the CSS STYLE which does either
>> accompany the mail, or which is used by the receiving client by its default 

> That's interesting.  But my comment stands from my testing of different
> clients.   If  I send a quoted email from Thunderbird, no other client
> shows the quote bar.  Only other Thunderbird installations do that.

  This makes me think that you don't know anything about HTML and CSS.
  But you insist on making strong statements trying to dictate the world how 
use this markup language and presentation system.
  And you want that the eMail client hides to the recipient, what is a quote 
from an earlier message, and provide the link to it, and what is newly created 
by the author for that particular message. HTML tags are not made to create an 
appearance, but they convey a meaning. Only by tagging a piece of text as QUOTE 
can the recipient know what is a quote and what not, and use the information in 
the CITE parameter to the BLOCKQUOTE tag to look up the source of the quote. 
  That you don't want to know what is going on, is your problem, but you should 
not insist, that nobody should be able to use TheBAt! as a sensible email 
  From everything which you have uttered in this thread, it comes out louder 
and clearer that you have no clue what HTML is and what eMail is to be. 
  But when you don't know anything about what you are talking about, then 
better stay silent.
  And stop working against correcting TheBat!

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