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Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt))


> In this case, the important thing is that the system works,

 Fact is, that the quoting in TheBat! is broken, is utter nonsense and does not 
work at all.
 When I get a message which quotes something I had written before, TheBat! does 
not render the quote as a quote. And I have no means to tell for sure what is a 
quote and what is new text in a message, and no link to the message being 
quoted. Normally quotes would be identified by enclosing them with a BLOCKQUOTE 
or Q tag. 
 When I use TheBat!'s broken quoting, it get's completely gobbled up until 
 You speak about a "list of major players" meaning apparently email clients.
 But you mention only one of the "major players", namely Thunderbird. More 
often used than Thunderbird is MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express (or Live, as they 
call it now), and in a similar range Apple Mail, which has for Mac users the 
same importance as Outlook and Outlook Express for Windows users.

 BTW, I tried to get a statistic of the number of the various eMail clients as 
shown by the X-MAILER header, but the search by TheBat! does not allow to 
select a given header and only search the content of that header field. And I 
could not export my full message store to MBOX format — nothing happens, unless 
I select each single folder at one time, but hat is too tedious to do. And the 
file format of the TBB and TBN files is not known to me. 

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