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re Most used eMail clients (was: ...working on version 9 — will essential 
changes be implemented?  (was: The Bat! v8.8.9 MSI (3rd attempt)))
addressing Mr. Gleason: 
>  But you mention only one of the "major players", namely
> Thunderbird. More often used than Thunderbird is MS Outlook, MS
> Outlook Express (or Live, as they call it now), and in a similar
> range Apple Mail, which has for Mac users the same importance as
> Outlook and Outlook Express for Windows users.

  The above is confirmed by statistics which are collected by a company named  
Litmus Email Analytics, and they include not only eMail clients for desktop 
computers, as I did, but for mobile devices, too.  I have no clue on which way 
they do collect this 1000 million of emails. 
  Here is their top 10 list for Juni 2019, taken from 
#01 Gmail         29% +0.45   
#02 Apple iPhone  27% -0.62   
#03 Outlook        9% +0.72   
#04 Apple iPad     8% -0.43   
#05 Apple Mail     7% -0.04   
#06 Yahoo! Mail    6% -0.52   
#07 Google Android 3% +0.17   
#08 Outlook.com    2% -0.1    
#09 Samsung Mail   1% -0.08   
#10 Thunderbird    0% -0.01   
 (Sorry that this is not in a table, but copying into a table in TheBat! does 
not work; I would have to either fill each cell individually or create an XLS 
file and insert this).
 I have marked those for desktops with yellow background. This confirms which I 
had written before.
 Gmail (i.e. Google mail) is being used both on desktops and on mobile devices. 
Gmail is surpassed by Apple if we add the three versions for iPhone, iPad and 
desktop tallied separately by this Litmus company.  
 If the widely used Thunderbird is counted on less than a half percent of 
emails checked by this Litmus company, TheBat! and even more those unknowns 
which Mr. Gleason misunderstands as "major player" are completely out of the 

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