Hello Zygmunt,

Sunday, January 12, 2020, 9:55:15 AM, you wrote:

Zygmunt> Sorry, the customizer window is still too narrow, making the customizer
Zygmunt> completely unusable (see https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1835).

Zygmunt> Correct size of the customizer panel appears only in search window (it 
Zygmunt> after pressing F7 key).

We  had  the discussion/argument awhile back. Turn out this is the new
improved  customizer.  Now  you  open the new tiny customizer and drag
things  on  and  off  the tool bar while it's open.  Personally I also
think  it's a giant step backwards, but it seems to be the wave of the

-- Ira 

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