I'm not sure how many versions back this happened, but the drop
list associated with the "Create a New Message" button on the
toolbar is broken.

OK, it may actually be intentionally using a bad design choice,
but for me the drop list has been unusable since 9.0.16 (and
maybe earlier.)  It was usable when it displayed each group in
my address book as a cascaded menu instead of an in-line group.
I have about 20 groups (19 customers plus a friends and family
group) with anywhere from 5 to 20 addresses in each group.

As a cascaded menu, this was extremely easy and quick to use and
it doesn't require me to remember anything from anyone's email
addresses in order to search.

As it is in v9.0.16.5, it took a painfully long time just to scroll
through the entire list (which is the only way to get to the
"Quick Templates" option at the end -- lucky I never use it!)

I have searched through the options and I cannot find anything that
would allow me to revert to the useful version of this drop list.
Is there any chance that the much easier to use behavior will ever


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