Hello Steven,

SPV> I'm not sure how many versions back this happened, but the drop
SPV> list associated with the "Create a New Message" button on the
SPV> toolbar is broken.
It sure looks fixed to me in It is showing individual favorites from 
the address book and templates below that. I'd prefer that the templates show 
as a single folder dropping down to the templates list. But I can live with it 
the way it is now.

Initially it was showing templates then address book favorites. That meant all 
I saw as a long list of templates and would have to get to below that for 
addresses. I suppose one's "preference" is how one uses the "Create a New 
Message" button. I use it to address new emails to my "favorites" or someone I 
recall from the address drop-down. When I use a template for a new email, it 
usually comes from "Utilities" in the menu of the new email window.

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