Hello TB-BETA,

I have noticed this behavior with my previous .15 and now .16 x32 today (+ just 
with the Christmas release version x64 on another PC, that one doesn't do it):

- start a new message (HTML+plain format in my case)
- place the caret into a header row (such as Recipient)
- attempt to paste an image (pulling it from another window using the mouse) 
into said header row
- in my case, the image lands right in there: https://paste.pics/7V84Q

The entire exercise started after I was apparently unable to paste an image
attachment *anywhere* in the message window (I ended up using the button).
Strangely, that behavior seems gone now, Paste is being accepted (again).

Only the image recipient keeps looking somewhat weird...

Can anyone confirm the image pasting in header rows or the message window not 
attachment pastes?

Thank you!

 Viktor Kabelac                            mailto:tbbeta-l...@kabelac.cz
TheBat! (BETA) Pro (x32, no OTFE) on Windows 10.0 x64 18362   

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