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> The Bat! (BETA) is available at
> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb90166-32.rar
> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb90166-64.rar

> What's new in since
> [-] Fixed Favorites Menu (version 9 issue)
> [-] Fixed small icons of some windows like Connection Center (BETA issue)

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Dear Maxim,

I experienced an address book problem, trying to explain:

I tried to send a new mail to a group (as opposed to a single email
address) and got the error "message is not properly addressed".

I discovered that for some reason the address book that contained that
group was not listed anymore in TB. Yet, the group did "auto-complete"
in the TO field of the new message.

Luckily the .ABD file was still intact in the mail base folder and I
could add it back. After a restart of TB, it has not disappeared again.

Best regards,
Dimitar                  mailto:dito...@gmail.com
TheBat! (BETA) Pro (64-bit, non-OTFE) on Windows 10.0 14393 

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