Please review new command images (used in menus and toolbars).

You may see 16x16 versions of each image in menu unless you have 175% or higher 
DPI (in this case 32x32 images are used in menus). If DPI differs from 100%, 
the images are scaled up or down (unless DPI is 200% - in this case, for small 
images (e.g. in menus) only 32x32 versions are used, and for the big images 
(e.g. in toolbars) the images are scaled up).

If a particular image in the menus look small for you, you can configure it on 
a toolbar to see a larger version.

If some images are not self-explanatory (e.g. it is not evident what they do), 
or are confusing, perplexing, etc. – please let us know. Your ideas are welcome 
on how to improve the images for better association with the underlying command 
or action.

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