The Bat! 9.1.6 MSI and Voyager files are available at:

[*] New image for an account (mail box) in the folder tree
[-] (#0001811) If the option "Do not preserve header of the original messages" 
is turned off for the "Create formatted message" action in the Sorting Office, 
then the RFC-822 headers of original message are added as an attachment (with 
Content-type "text/rfc822-headers", as described in RFC-1892) to the newly 
created message
[-] Fixed secondary shortcuts. For example, if a single command had two 
shortcuts (primary and secondary), only primary worked. This affected the 
following shortcuts: Move to Next Unread (Ctrl+Right,Ctrl+Alt+Right) & Move 
Previos Unread (Ctrl+Left,Ctrl+Alt+Left)
[-] Fixed "invalid class typecast" error when using RC4 (stream) cipher in TLS 
(introduced in 9.1)

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