The Bat! 9.1.16 MSI files and Voyager are available at:

What's new since version 9.1.14 released on April 13th, 2020:

[-] S/MIME did not work since 9.1.10
[-] The Bat! did try to change associations from the Preferences dialog even if 
nothing in this configuration was changed by the user
[*] File type associations (default programs) can no logner be changed from an 
application since Windows 8 or later. So, if The Bat! is running under Windows 
8 or Windows 10, the relevant elements are not shown in the "Applications" tab. 
Besides that, the dialog to associate file types no longer appers when The Bat! 
[*] In an ECDSA signature, if a hash function had larger digest length (in 
bits) than the field size (which is not a good practice), The Bat! treated 
these signatures as invalid. It might lead to invalid ECC certificates, e.g. 
signed by “sha512ECDSA” algorithm. It might also lead to the following 
error “TLS protocol error: Internal error BuildClientKeyExchange”. For more 
information, see section 6.4 of FIPS.186-4 "ECDSA Digital Signature Generation 
and Verification": it is recommended that the security strength associated with 
the bit length of n and the security strength of the hash function be the same 
unless an agreement has been made between participating entities to use a 
stronger hash function. When the length of the output of the hash function is 
greater than the bit length of n, then the leftmost n bits of the hash function 
output block shall be used in any calculation using the hash function output 
during the generation or verification of a digital signature. A hash function 
that provides a lower security strength than the security strength associated 
with the bit length of n ordinarily should not be used, since this would reduce 
the security strength of the digital signature process to a level no greater 
than that provided by the hash function. 

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