4/20/2020  5:12 PM

MMvT> The Bat! (BETA) is available at
MMvT> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb91163-32.rar
MMvT> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb91163-64.rar

MMvT> What's new in since
MMvT> [-] The Bat! didn't start if Windows interface language was Korean
MMvT> [-] (#0001982) Adding a shortcut in the customizer leads to an Access 
Violation error
MMvT> [-] (#0001991) Toolbar customization was not saved in the message
MMvT> list window (the windows of an opened email message)
MMvT> [-] (#0001976) Shortcuts in message list tabs do not work

The  ongoing issues with Toolbar customizations must be corrected before
another  MSI  is  released. Toolbar customizations are part of the heart
and soul of The Bat! My clients and I rely on this functioning properly.
Plrase, I beg you, correct this problem.  Thank You Very Much!

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32bit TB 9.1.16  Windows 7 Pro 7600 

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