Hello Zann,

On Tue, 21 Apr 2020 00:54:14 -0700 GMT (21-Apr-20, 14:54 +0700 GMT),
Zann wrote:

> Are you sure you are not confusing putting in the outbox (Shift-F2)
> with saving as draft (Alt-F2)? Turning OFF Combined delivery should help too?

I do not want to turn off combined delivery. Why would I? It should
not have anything to do with it,

I click with the mouse on the "Put message in Outbox" icon. And the
message doese get put into the Outbox. When they then open it again,
it is not "parked", i.e. the version that was put into the Outbox is
sent even though I am editing it again.

And that is a bug. I only need someone to confirm that this is not
unique to my machine, so that I can open a bug report. Please give it
a try.

I am not looking for workarounds - I am now "parking" them manually in
the Outbox - I want to report a bug, so that it can be fixed.



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