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> Hello Thomas,

>> I click with the mouse on the "Put message in Outbox" icon. And the
>> message doese get put into the Outbox. When they then open it again,
>> it is not "parked", i.e. the version that was put into the Outbox is
>> sent even though I am editing it again.
>> And that is a bug.

> I  will  try  to  confirm  it later, but I don't think it is a bug but
> normal  behaviour.  Like Zann suggests in his message, I think you may
> be  confusing  "putting  in  the  Outbox"  with "saving as Draft", the
> difference  being that the first does not park the message (that's why
> it  will be sent with a combined delivery), while saving as draft does
> park it and will not be sent until you unpark it. That's what I think,
> but I am not 100% sure.

No, I do not make that mistake. I use "save as draft" when I don't
want to send the message now, or when it is unfinished. When I click
on "put in Outbox", I mean it.

And a moment later, I change my mind and re-open it. No, it does not
make sense to me that the message is sent if it is re-openend and I am
obviously working on it again.



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