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Tuesday, April 21, 2020, 9:03:43 AM, you wrote:
> Steps to reproduce:
> I have the account set to send/receive every 10 minutes.
> Compose a message.
> Put it into the Outbox
> Open it again from the Outbox, for editing.
> While it is being edited, the previous version will be sent

Doesn't happen to me, similar to Dimitar (and on IMAP, too):
- I have set my TheBat! to delayed delivery +1 minute
(I had difficulty finding that setting in the editor window and still
haven't found any persistent setting for that. Also creating a custom delay
doesn't let it show in the manu immediately...kinda counter-intuitive to me
all in all)

- I compose a message, have it saved to Outbox
- I reopen the message
- Message is not parked, it has a clock symbol
- Message doesn't get send "under my hands" - not by scheduled sending and not 
by manual Alt-F2 on the main window

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