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> Hello Dimitar,

> On Tue, 21 Apr 2020 14:15:13 +0300 GMT (21-Apr-20, 18:15 +0700 GMT),
> Dimitar Tomov wrote:

>>> Steps to reproduce:

>>> I have the account set to send/receive every 10 minutes.

>>> Compose a message.
>>> Put it into the Outbox
>>> Open it again from the Outbox, for editing.
>>> While it is being edited, the previous version will be sent

>>>  ***

>>> Messages used to be "parked" when opened again from the Outbox in the
>>> editor, to prevent this problem. That's how it should be.

>>> Any confirmations?

>> I cannot confirm. I have combined delivery ON. When I "put in outbox",
>> the message is not parked. When I open it for editing, it is still not
>> parked. But if I press "receive" it does not get sent. If I press
>> "send queued", I get "nothing to send". This is on smtp account.

> Maybe it only happens when sending automatically. By the way, do you
> use IMAP or POP?

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> Cheers,
> Thomas.

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Dear Thomas,

This is a POP account. I did not test on IMAP.

Best regards,
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