Marck Pearlstone wrote:

> AS> Screenshots being stripped from the messages unless it all fits
> AS> in 25Kb,  
> (With amendments from the TBUDL response).
> In the case of TBUDL, this seems to be happening regardless of size. I
> have  looked  but  the  settings don't specify to do that. The hosting
> server  has  shifted twice since we started to use the current rack. I
> am not necessarily confident that the settings have ported correctly.

For TBBETA I would like to say:
There is no change necessary - if somebody whats to send screenshots he
should file a ticket and add the screenshot there. Only the bug tracker
is the right place to upload screenshots.

> AS> famous "Current version is 8.0.18 | 'Using TBUDL' information"
> AS> footer attached to all messages... Perhaps it is time for a
> AS> maintenance?  
> This  footer  used to be maintained by admins every time a new release
> came  from RITlabs, often with a slight lag. Max asked to control this
> automatically  and  this was being done for a while. Then they stopped
> updating  it.  I guess it's down to me again. (I am the sole admin and
> mod these days, everyone else having resigned from the list). Max took
> it  over  because  I  was updating it when the new MSI was released to
> TBBETA,  not  in  the  loop  otherwise as to when a particular version
> became the current release.

For TBBETA I would like to say:
I never cared about the footer. But I like the new one!

> I suggest 150 for TBBETA and 100 for TBUDL. Thoughts?

As I said before: we should use the bug tracker.
Others than suspected behaviour which means possible bugs shouldn't be
discussed here.

> AS> * Consider merging TDUDL/TBBETA into one.  
> That's  a  very large "NO". There are 2 distinct audiences - those who
> test  new  features  and  those who want help with the current release
> version as end users.

Exactly. TBBETA is only for serious beta testers - this means: very
advanced users and users with a background of development or
administrative tasks.

> AS> * Move mailing lists homepage to a separate domain.  
> I don't know what this means...

I guess something like But this will cost money. So I
conclude: not necessary.

> If anybody else wants to take this
> over from me, go ahead - I will redirect.
Please Mark: it is ok in the way it is now.
Thanks for your work!

Just my two pennies (or cents if you like euros :).

Best regards,

Joerg Schiermeier
Bielefeld, Germany
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test environment (32bit + 64bit): The Bat! pro - latest beta
wine: v5.8 - Debian64/bullseye: v5.4.19-1 (2020-02-13)
emulated windows version (build number): v10.0 (17134)

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