Dear TBBETAers,

I beg your pardon for keeping you waiting for so long. The deal on
Ritlabs was a bit unexpected by me and I could not believe in it
completely until the last Monday when I received a state certificate
of   ownership.  Then, I started taking things over and there is a lot
of them, so we're still in the transition process.

I was missing you badly since I left Ritlabs office back in 2016 and
was dreaming to get back to The Bat! development all those years. So,
the last few weeks were full of emotions and the main one was
happiness. I am very happy to lay my hands on The Bat! code and start
again making you people satisfied with the product I started about 23
years ago and I feel nothing but deep gratitude towards all of you for
staying with us all these years and really hope our team is going to
keep you happy in future.

Now, it's time to reveal our development plans. At least, what I think
our current plan is. Sure enough, it may change slightly on the way
it's being implemented, but I think the essence of it should not change

So, here it goes:

- within next few weeks, we will try to fix with top PITAs (please
feel free to name your favourite ones), make some minor additions and
facelifting, then release a new v9.x.x update.

- after that, we're going to remove the outdated built-in HTML
renderer and IE-based system's one and use Chromium-based renderer
for displaying and handling messages. We already have a PoC for
internal testing and it is very promising - it's working lightning
fast and renders everything without a problem. So, it's going to be
next v9 update.

- then, we are going to shift research focus to multi-platform
development to make it possible to have same email setup on different
platforms and switch between OSes and devices seamlessly

Of course, it's quite a general plan, but we tried many things that
are coming to play already, so we are very sure we're able to fulfill
it to a high degree. We're just praying that the Universe has reached
its limit of black swans for this year at least :)

Thank you very much for being with us, helping us to make The Bat!
better and please be assured we are going to deliver a lot of stuff
for you to test and enjoy! :)

Best regards,
   Stefan Tanurkov

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