Hello Stefan,

Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 7:18:18 AM, you wrote:

> - within next few weeks, we will try to fix with top PITAs (please
> feel free to name your favourite ones), make some minor additions and
> facelifting, then release a new v9.x.x update.

Seeing "RitLabs" and "roadmap" in one sentence makes me shed a tear.

Humble list of the top PITAs, as requested:

1. Lack of the responsive UI and tabs. Switching between full-screen and
   windows modes is clearly not a user-friendly experience, mostly due to
   the how different columns get scaled, etc. Have you tried Zimbra? Ticket
   ID #0001826
2. False advertisement as ASLR & DEP-capable application.
   Support ticket ID #86392 (not in Mantis)
   In a nutshell: https://i.imgur.com/rrLA9uG.png
> -- Unusable GPG starts here -->

3. TheBat! does not work work properly with the GnuPG keychain.
   Ticket ID #0001799
4. Signature is stripped from the encrypted AND signed message.
   Ticket ID #0001807 and #0001795
5. Message corruption if private key is not available for automatic
   Ticket ID #0001793
6. *Obligatory* "decrypted" being added to the subject-line of the
   encrypted message. Why not to make this optional is beyond me.
   Ticket ID #0001792
7. Messages signed using inline signature are not recognized as such in
   the messages list.
   Ticket ID #0001798

> -- Unusable GPG ends here -->
8. No "Plug-n-Play" way to sync contacts with the file-system. Currently 
   the least painful way for a single-user setup seems to be a VM with 
   CardDAV server of choice. Can we sync to the ~/Contacts for example?
   Ticket ID #0001856
9. Various "Access Violation" reports.
   Ticket ID #0001978

10. Impossible to define several "from" addresses under the one account. 
    One can edit manually though, which is somewhat tedious to do every 

11. No "regular" HTML-capable editor. <table> is hard-coded, etc.
    Discussed at great length at the RitLabs forum and in this list.
12. Tangentially related: www.ritlabs.com is using outdated Bitrix with
    forums functionality way below what vBulletin/phpBB/nodeBB/etc.
    have to offer.

> - after that, we're going to remove the outdated built-in HTML
> renderer and IE-based system's one and use Chromium-based renderer
> for displaying and handling messages.

Sensible, offload security to Chromium. Good choice. Might be worth
looking at the patch-set applied by 

> - then, we are going to shift research focus to multi-platform
> development to make it possible to have same email setup on different
> platforms and switch between OSes and devices seamlessly

That escalated quickly. Do you think it's a little too ambitious for
now? Have you had a chance to touch-base with Embarcadero re. your
current scope of components vs multi-OS compatibility.

There is no shortage of _excellent_ e-mail clients on *nix.

> Of course, it's quite a general plan, but we tried many things that
> are coming to play already, so we are very sure we're able to fulfill
> it to a high degree. We're just praying that the Universe has reached
> its limit of black swans for this year at least :)

Maybe try leveraging community to some extend? Open development process 
where possible, active triage of bug-reports, etc.

Jira instance, GitHub/Lab, Phabricator... List goes on.

> Thank you very much for being with us, helping us to make The Bat!
> better and please be assured we are going to deliver a lot of stuff
> for you to test and enjoy! :)

Looking forward to it!


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