Hello Ira,

On Wed, 3 Jun 2020 00:23:44 -0700 GMT (03-Jun-20, 14:23 +0700 GMT),
Ira wrote:

> Hello Thomas,

> Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 8:14:14 PM, you wrote:

>>> when editing an email address in the To field The Bat assumes you're
>>> entering it from scratch and erases what your doing. For example. I'm
>>> replying to j...@somecompany.com and I jighlight "jane" and type
>>> "bob". The Bat replaces that with a list of all my email address that
>>> start with "bob", erasing "somecompany.com" which is the part I cared
>>> about.

Thomas>> This is standard Windows behaviour. When you have the whole email
Thomas>> address highlighted and type something, all of the highlighted text is
Thomas>> deleted. Instead, highlight only the part you want to change.

Thomas>> -

> No, it's not. I specifically I only highlighted "jane" or more
> correctly I said I jightlighted "jane", but I assume that error would
> be obvious.

Then your editor behaves different from mine. I use MicroEd, and you
can see my Windows and TB version in my sig. How about yours?



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