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On Thu, 4 Jun 2020 09:10:32 +0100 GMT (04-Jun-20, 15:10 +0700 GMT),
Marck Pearlstone wrote:

> On 04 June 2020 at 04:27 Thomas Fernandez wrote and made these points

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Thomas>>>> Then your editor behaves different from mine. I use MicroEd, and you
Thomas>>>> can see my Windows and TB version in my sig. How about yours?

>>> It's been broken since V9 was released. I've reported it before and
>>> it's been confirmed by others. It sadly does not matter to me if you
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TF>> I wasn't aware this has already been confirmed. Is there a BT entry
TF>> which may specify the editor, so I can check whether it happens here
TF>> too?
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> Just  to  clarify - Ira is talking about the recipient address line in
> the message header, which is completely separate from which editor you
> are  using and uses a standard windows edit field. The fact of whether
> you  use MicroEd or another to edit the message body is not related to
> the problem.

> This is a not actually a bug but it is a very annoying behaviour.

As mentioned, it does not happen over here. I highlighted "Bat" in the
TO line above and typed "Marck", and TB behaved as expected, like any
Windows application.

It is the same on my home PC from which I replied in the morning, and
my laptop, which I am using now.



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