Hello Stefan, hello List,

for my daily office work in need better name macros to be used in

Currently f.ex. the %ToLName detects the last word of typed name in
To: field.
That may lead to a incomplete lastname in a mail.
I like to explain that.

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In templates Macros like %...LNAME only detect the last word in of a address as 
That works mostly.
But in Germany and some other countries you can have prefixes for lastnames.
In Switzerland surnames are separated with space.

For example this complete name and mail address is used in To: address:
Oskar von Miller <o...@vmiller.mail>

The correct %TOFNAME would be Oskar, the correct %TOLNAME "von Miller"
But The Bat! generates:
for %TOFNAME "Oskar"
and %TOLNAME "Miller"
And that is wrong.

In Netherlands exist names like
Jos van de Vries
Means: "Jos" is prename and "van de Vries" surname.
Or "Adam de Bakker"
Means: "Adam" is prename and "de Bakker" surname.

More on names:

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Writing a bunch of RegExes in templates to extract the correct
lastname is not usable for regular users.

My wish would be get extended name macros so the correct Lastname will be 
detected by macro..

Please support my wish:


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