martes, 16 jun. 2020 at 13:43, it seems you wrote:

> [-] Copy didn't work in HTML viewer

Thanks for the fix.

2 suggestions.

** Do not place as default download all images on the HTML Viewer **

The Bat! was created as a very secure email client and usually all the 
options related to security and to avoid spam had as default option to 
be secure.

I see the default option after the HTML viewer change it's to download 
all external resources (Automatically download all)

IMHO  this  option  should be set by default to the more conservative 
option "Download all resources only manually"

** Tooltip/hint  on  links of the HTML Viewer **

I used this feature to see with url a link has below it. This was very
useful  for  pishing emails which usually are very very similar to the
original ones but the links point to a fake domain.


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