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> martes, 16 jun. 2020 at 13:43, it seems you wrote:

>> [-] Copy didn't work in HTML viewer

> Thanks for the fix.

> 2 suggestions.

> ** Do not place as default download all images on the HTML Viewer **

> The Bat! was created as a very secure email client and usually all the
> options related to security and to avoid spam had as default option to
> be secure.

> I see the default option after the HTML viewer change it's to download
> all external resources (Automatically download all)

> IMHO  this  option  should be set by default to the more conservative
> option "Download all resources only manually"

Agreed. I really liked the botton we had that switched from internal
to external viewer. What it did in effect was switch between
downloading pictures or not. And I had the option of "whitelisting"
picture sources that I could trust.

> ** Tooltip/hint  on  links of the HTML Viewer **

> I used this feature to see with url a link has below it. This was very
> useful  for  pishing emails which usually are very very similar to the
> original ones but the links point to a fake domain.

I really miss this too. In some HTML mais, I want to see whether the
link sends me to the website it promises, or whether it will send me
to an URL that will potentially install malware on my computer. I
don't like to blindly click.



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