Hello Stefan,

On Wed, 17 Jun 2020 19:13:37 +0300 GMT (17-Jun-20, 23:13 +0700 GMT),
Stefan Tanurkov via TBBETA wrote:

> Hello Andrew,

>> Lowering the stakes, how about a stable build just without the Chromium?

> Nope, sorry. Moving to CEF is one of the key points of the coming
> release, so we need to deal with the problems caused by introducing
> it now and I don't see why we cannot overcome it.

FWIW I was so annoyed with the previous implementation of HTML, that I
am now considering whether to change my work machine to this beta - I
would usually never run a beta version of any software on my work

The new HTML viewer still has some quirks, but I am sure we can work
this out before the next release. that's what the beta series is for.



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