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Version (BETA) can be downloaded from

EXE file only (no CEF binaries):


EXE with CEF binaries:


Here is  a short list of changes:

[*] (#0002014) Better automatic recognition of URLs with matching brackets
[*] Message List and Folder Tree Tabs can be handled using mouse wheel
[*] skip warning on message's memo being changed, just save it
[*] Set IMAP folders to be on the Ticker by default 
[*] Save messages with empty TO fields as draft instead of sending them
[-] "Ding" sound when using alignment by Alt+L  in MicroEd
[-] (#0002006)  Message list tabs were not restored from Backup
[-] Escape key did not close Address Book
[-] (#0001837) AV after deselcting folders for scan of Address History
[-] (#0002025) Too deep nesting for Format /... color settings in the editor 
[-] (Beta) .EML/.MSG attachment viewer generated AV on activation
[-] Quick Search was not activated by typing in message list 
[-] (Beta) F3 / Shift+F3 were not working in HTML search input box

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