Hello Stefan,
STvT> Version (BETA) can be downloaded from
STvT> EXE file only (no CEF binaries):
 STvT> https://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/beta/tb9.2.0.5-x64.7z

Not fixed:
RN> "Delete & follow previous" deletes but doesn't go to the previous.
RN> "Delete & next" deletes but doesn't go to the next.

RN> The  Drop-down  next to the New Message icon is now returning a list of
RN> Favorites  from  the address book and all templates. That results in a
RN> long unreadable list in tiny type (per attached).
RN>     The Drop-down should be returning the address favorites and then have a
RN> link to the templates.

Best regards,
 Richard                            mailto:newmangroup....@gmail.com
Using The Bat! v9.2.0.5 (BETA)  (64 bit) on  Windows version 10 Build 18363

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