Hello Stefan,

On Mon, 22 Jun 2020 19:35:58 +0300 GMT (22-Jun-20, 23:35 +0700 GMT),
Stefan Tanurkov via TBBETA wrote:

> Hello mse,

>>     * A few of the window icons are still missing, like Move messages
>>    to, Copy messages to, Save messages, Print Preview, Quick
>>    Templates, Folder and Account Properties, ...

> Thank you! We'll fix it.

Another one: Connection Center.

>>    * What is the future of the Image Download Manager? I really loved
>>    the possibility to manually adjust which sources to download and
>>    which to block.

> Download manager needs to be rewritten for quite a long... I think
> we'll be working on it in the next release circle - sure enough we
> don't want to leave things as simple as they are now ;-)

Looking forward to it.



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