> Hello mse, 

>>     * A few of the window icons are still missing, like Move messages 
>>    to, Copy messages to, Save messages, Print Preview, Quick 
>>    Templates, Folder and Account Properties, ...

> Thank you! We'll fix it.
>>    * What is the future of the Image Download Manager? I really loved 
>>    the possibility to manually adjust which sources to download and 
>>    which to block.

> Download manager needs to be rewritten for quite a long... I think
> we'll be working on it in the next release circle - sure enough we
> don't want to leave things as simple as they are now ;-)

Noticing.  Creating email clients must be nearly the toughest job
developers can face.  Considering the years that they have invested in
the effort, with their projects still unfinished.  Looking around, there
are no really complete stable email clients on offer.  And only about
three still under active development.  TB!, TB, and eMclient.  All
three have been in the works for nearly two decades.

It probably does have something to do with what we expect though, like
selective blocking of download sources, or even blocking of images per
individual messages.  Do we think of the complexity of implementing
such things?

OS's are tough too, but they are profitable enough that MS can hire
huge numbers of the best talent.  So OS's don't count.  Even though
MS's best so far (win 10) is only recently getting close to being
somewhat reliable.


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