Title: Re: Space between messages and folders
Hello David,

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020 04:18:43 +0000 (UTC) GMT (28-Jun-20, 11:18 +0700 GMT),
David via TBBETA wrote:

Hello Miguel,

Yes the font is correct. size 8. It's the blank spacing between messages
and folders. It's the newer .exe file that's the only difference.

> Have you made sure you are using the same font in both cases?
>> the spacing on message list is still larger.  >> I put back an older thebat64.exe and it's much tigher density, so >> the fix is not the same as the original layout.

You did not say which "older" thebat.exe solves the problem. Your message does not thread for some reason, so I cannot get back in the trhead. However, maybe this helps:

Options / Prefernces / Other Options / [X] Use Denser Display

@Stefan: You we have this ticked as default, along with [X] Display "old style" tree view? I have not heard anybody saying that they like the new styles. Thanks.



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