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> samedi 4 juillet 2020,
> Bonjour,

> Le samedi 4 juillet 2020 à 03:23:24, thomas.gmane@... a écrit :

>>> My toolbar customisations are lost when I close and re-start TB!

>> Is this confirmed by others?

> Yes, confirmed. Exactly like in
> https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1991
> Customisation   is   saved   in   tbuser.DEF  but  when  we close then
> re-start   TheBat!,   tbuser.DEF  has  not  changed  but  the  toolbar
> customisation is lost.

I see. This means that the configuration I have now will persist. It
will not go back to factory default, right?

If so, I can safely download this msi to my work machine.



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