Hello Gunivortus,

On Fri, 3 Jul 2020 12:26:24 +0200 GMT (03-Jul-20, 17:26 +0700 GMT),
Gunivortus Goos wrote:

> Hello Stefan,

> One of them is already deleted, so I send you the one left.
> Exported it to eml, but at opening, it gives errors at my PC.
> And it definitely looks different as the original message.

> Would it be OK to also redirect the original to you?
> Then it seems to be the same as my original.

> Kind regards,
> Gunivortus

>>> In two html messages I got today I checked this. A messages from
>>> the MAGIX company and one from the LOTTO site over here.
>>> A few links, such as: click HERE do show the link, others, such as Buy
>>> now or More Info do not show their links and none of the pictures
>>> which are also linked to specific webpages at clicking them do not
>>> show those linked pages.

>> Please forward those messages to me as EMLs so we can look at them. Thank 
>> you!

Your top-posting makes this a weird conversation. However, I can
confirm with the release version (and the necessary beta to not
jeopardize my configurations) that some links in your attached message
get no tooltips, so I don't know what URL they really open.



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