> The Bat! has a privacy issue which could reveal internal structure of a 
> company LAN.

This topic is more complex than it might look like at the first glance. There
are way too many SMTP-servers which deny connections if the email client uses
something like [] during the handshake. In order to avoid such issues
The Bat! uses legal means and carries out a reverse DNS lookup and uses the
domain name associated with the source IP-address during the handshake with the

Although revealing the domain name might look like the lack of anonymity, in
reality it is the originating IP-address (which is anyway included in the
headers by the mail server itself) that makes the sender lack anonymity.

You can still disguise the domain name in the settings of your local hardware,
but there is nothing you can do to prevent the mail server include the 

Alexander Petrari
Ritlabs, SRL

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